The Softer Side of Microneedling

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We get it. Tiny needles puncturing your face can seem ominous. But if the thought of microneedling leaves you slightly terrified, have no fear, we’re here to explain the benefits of this harmless procedure that leaves even troubled skin smooth, soft and supple.

Why microneedling?

Sometimes all the creams and lotions in the world can’t treat stubborn acne scars, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and aged skin. That’s where microneedling comes in. Microneedling is a highly effective (cosmetic) treatment that stimulates the rapid deposition of high quality collagen, the all-important protein necessary to keep your skin youthful looking and healthy. In microneedling treatments (also known as collagen induction therapy or microchanneling), tiny sterile needles repeatedly puncture the skin, instantly triggering collagen and elastin production.  

OUCH! Won’t that hurt?

Well…yes, a little, but keep in mind that microneedling is minimally invasive with NO downtime. Unlike harsh treatments like lasers, which not everyone is advised to do, microneedling is safe for ALL skin types and tones. Microneedling is also less of a time commitment than other cosmetic treatments, and can be performed every four to six weeks.

What can I expect during a microneedling treatment at Blue Creek?

We offer a variety of different microneedling treatments, but we use the ProCell Microchannel Delivery Serum during treatments to amplify collagen response. Applied using a micro-needle roller,  this highly concentrated human growth factor and cytokine rich serum is known to promote healing in an anti-inflammatory environment.

Why Blue Creek?

We offer two different microneedling packages at Blue Creek and both are by far the lowest packages in Denver without skimping on a highly effective treatment and experience for our guests.

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