Month: August 2017


Is Cosmetic Acupuncture the New Facelift?

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cosmetic acupuncture


There’s a lot we’re willing to do in the name of beauty. From trying various topical creams and serums to even invasive surgeries, it’s fair to say that slowing signs of aging is a skin care priority for many Americans. But does achieving healthier, more youthful-looking skin have to come at such a high cost?

We examine various methods of anti-aging treatments and compare them to cosmetic acupuncture—a natural whole body treatment—to see which methods will work best for your skin.

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Do Massages Help Anxiety? Here Are 5 Ways They Do

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do massages help anxiety


As the most common mental illness, about 18% of American adults suffer from some form of anxiety. There are various treatment options, ranging from cognitive behavioral therapy to medication, but for those looking to add a more natural remedy to their anxiety management, massage therapy has been shown to reduce stress. But that leaves the question: Do massages help anxiety?

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