Therapeutic Health Spa

Blue Creek’s Approach & Values

Blue Creek is a Therapeutic Health Spa that blends traditional healing methods, modern spa practices and education to meet the specific health needs of each unique individual.

Located in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver, Blue Creek is a place where health can be embraced from the outside in and the inside out. In an increasingly faster-paced world, people need affordable and consistent health care options to rest and renew their bodies and minds.
We invite you to enjoy our soothing and sustainably-sourced space where your authentic self is celebrated, honored and cared for.


Individual Attention
There is no single treatment or approach to heal all people. Every individual has a unique health journey, and with each of our modalities, services and products, we discover and focus on your specific needs and goals to provide a tailored approach to your treatment. We treat individuals across the lifespan, from infants to advanced ages, and everyone in between.

Whole Body Health
Everything is connected. At Blue Creek, we address the full spectrum of your health, tending to the root causes of illness as well as the symptoms that cause your pain or dis-ease. Integrated therapeutic treatments allow us to work with you to optimize your physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Affordability Equals Consistency
In order to achieve and maintain optimal health, we must commit and tend to ourselves consistently. We provide therapeutic care at prices that can be integrated into your regular health routines. Our services are accessible and affordable, with 50% of our services under $50.

The Comfort of Home
Blue Creek’s space was inspired by the feeling of “coming home.” Each visit should promote relaxation, grounding and ultimate comfort; a place you want to return to time after time to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Environmental Responsibility
At Blue Creek, we promote and utilize environmentally-responsible products and practices in support of the health of our community at large. Our treatment products, as well as our laundry detergent, hand soaps and cleaning products, are all chosen with keen attention to environmental and personal health and sustainability. Our space was created using recycled and natural materials to emphasize our connection with and responsibility to, nature.

Education is Empowering
At Blue Creek, education is woven into our treatments in a variety of ways, such as explaining your tongue and pulse diagnosis, understanding your home skin care regimen or suggesting therapeutic stretches. We educate you about our findings and treatments, as well as at-home techniques and products, that can elevate your self care and support your ultimate health goals.