Blue Creek Founders, Megan and Cherie

The Founders of Blue Creek

Megan Moon Long and Cherie Monlezun share similar passions: practicing their respective health specialties and creating a healing environment where people can retreat from the daily stressors of life. Over the years, Megan and Cherie each created private practices, provided care in therapy centers, and finally joined forces co-owning/operating an integrative health center. In 2011, Blue Creek was founded from the organic evolution of their experiences and a shared, innovative vision of a new kind of Therapeutic Health Spa.

The concept for Blue Creek was conceived over many cups of coffee, a convention in Las Vegas, and hours and hours of brainstorming. Here was an opportunity to provide quality, affordable healthcare in a relaxing, spa-like environment.

Megan’s study in China offered a historical and cultural perspective on the practice of Acupuncture and therapeutic health in general. This was the inspiration for the Blue Creek Community Room; a way to provide more affordable and consistent Acupuncture treatments for optimal, long-term health. The entirety of Blue Creek’s space was inspired by Megan’s passion for natural spa environments and Cherie’s unique, childhood experience. Cherie grew up doing homework in her parent’s private mental health office; an old home designed to feel like “home”. It was here that she first understood the importance of creating a space in which people can feel safe, comfortable and at “home” with themselves. Their combined passions and perspectives have created a luxurious yet approachable spa retreat that fits within most patient’s therapeutic and financial needs.

Since 2007, Megan and Cherie have had the privilege of working together, collaborating and supporting one another as friends, practitioners, and professionals. Blue Creek supports what they believe in most as a business: earning a living and creating a life. Blue Creek honors the importance of health, family, community involvement, environment sustainability, and equal opportunity for all. It is our mission for patients, practitioners, and staff alike, to feel whole, healthy, and happy with their experience at Blue Creek.

Welcome and Enjoy!

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